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A small studio with BIG ideas

Alex Parkin Animation is an independent creative artist who delivers high quality creativity to you and your business. I am here to help you show the world your business in the most creative way possible, whether that is through moving image and animation or high quality illustration we will deliver what you need to show your best.

From initial idea to final delivery I am here for you at every stage of your creative project.


Who have I worked with?

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Meet the Artist


Alex Parkin

Alex Parkin has worked in the animation industry at the highest level for the past twelve years. Having worked on three animated feature films and one world wide children's TV series he now delivers the same high level and creativity to companies around the country.




From Concept to Completion

From an initial idea to final delivery I can help deliver a moving image project for you. Whether you and your brand need an exciting character or a video to explain your product - I can help. At each stage of the project I can help you get the results you want. 

What I can help you with:

  • Animated Videos - Driven by character or product we can bring your brand to life. Whether you need a TV advert or something small for your website, let us know what we can do for you.
  • Product Video - A hyper realistic video showing your product how you need your clients to see it.
  • Explainer Videos - A video explaining your product to your customers in a fun and informative way. 
  • Animated Logos - Book ends for you brand videos.

CG Generalist - For the animation industry

Alex Parkin has over 12 years experience as a CG modeller, texture artist, pre-vis artist and generalist. Having worked on three major animated feature films, one worldwide children's TV show and dozens of other animated projects, he has a wealth of knowledge to bring to your project.


  • 'Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists' Aardman Animations Ltd - 2009-2012 - Senior Modeller
  • 'Early Man' Aardman Animations Ltd - 2015-2018 - Art Department CG Modeller and Pre-Vis
  • 'Shaun the Sheep 2' Aardman Animations Ltd - 2017-2018 - Design, model and 3D printing vehicles
  • 'Chuggington' TV series Ludorum Ltd - 2012-2014 - Senior Modeller Series 3 and 4

Concept and Production Design

Every project starts in a sketchbook or on the drawing board. This is something we can help you with. Whether it's character design, environment design or those initial sketches we can deliver that starting point for your project. For a more refined illustration style please see other services.


Pre Visulisation

How can we help you make your idea?

Alex Parkin Animation can help you pre-vis your project. From single camera move to full animated feature film we can deliver high quality pre-vis to help make your project a reality. As a part of the Art Department at Aardman Animations, Alex Parkin delivered all of the pre-vis for the feature film 'Early Man'. He also help create a VR (Virtual reality) based system to streamline the pre-vis process and help the directors work in a more organic manner.


Other Services

What else can I do for you?

3D Printing


The Vehicles of 'Shaun the Sheep 2'

During the production of 'Shaun the Sheep 2' I designed and 3D printed nine new cars and one hero van. Designed and printed at 1/6th scale these vehicles pushed the limits of 3D printing for animation production. Each vehicle was printed with the additional support of Pinewood Studios Ltd. Images coming soon (once the film is released).


The Ball - 'Early Man'

During the production of "Early Man' I sculpted and 3D printed the hero ball for the film. In total I printed over 80 balls which were finished by the Art Department. 


Puppets and Engineered parts

3D printed muppets and puppets using highly engineered parts, designed to work with specific hardware.


High quality traditional illustration. Available as prints at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AlexParkinArt

I can also make quite a nice shed...



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